5 Ways Fit Protein Lite Can Make Your Life Easier


10. February 2015

No matter your goal, proper nutrition is the lynchpin of success. Getting lean, gaining muscle, helping you fuel a great performance or recover quickly from training; proper nutrition is essential to all of these things.

A quick look around the world of elite nutrition and support in sport - where results are studied daily and what doesn't work is quickly rejected - shows that a great deal of effort is put into making nutrition easy. Consistency is the key ingredient that supports progress. Whilst the newest ingredients and cutting edge techniques are interesting, they don't mean a thing if they don't actually get used.

Fit Protein Lite is a happy marriage of all these, containing top of the range ingredients wrapped up in a convenient and tasty shake, designed to support the day-to-day practical end of nutrition.

Flexibility: Always right for your goals

We designed Fit Protein Lite to supply the protein you need with the minimum of accessory calories. Each serving delivers 40g of high quality protein while only containing 13g of carbs from milk, 1g of fat and 225 cals. Fit Protein Lite is obviously ideal for those looking to cut fat and get lean, and those following either a low carb or low fat lifestyle, but this 'clean protein' nutritional profile gives you one other powerful tool: flexibility.

By consuming Fit Protein Lite you have answered your protein need whilst at the same time being free to get your carbs and fats where and how you like. For example, having a Fit Protein Lite with some fruit like a banana when you require protein and carbs but want a food based form of carbohydrate. Or having a serving with nuts and seeds if you're after a more 'protein and healthy fat' type meal.

Flexibility is a powerful thing, here's five ways to use Fit Protein Lite that can help smooth out those daily nutrition challenges.

1) On its own.

The perfect, easy to consume, high protein snack to help keep hunger at bay and support lean mass.

2) Before and after training.

Around training is probably ono of the most important times of the day to eat protein, and the whey protein rich formulation means Fit Protein Lite is ideal for after training. You can use it either after, before and in two servings before and after, to kick start recovery as you're training.

This before and after, also called 'peri training' has some interesting research behind it and is popular with athletes of all types. Happily 20g of protein – half a serving – is shown to maximally stimulate protein synthesis, meaning muscle recovery is well supported.

3) With protein-poor meals:

You may be goal driven in your eating, but that doesn't mean everyone is. Many meals and snacks in shops, cafes and restaurants are high in carbs and fats because that makes them cheap to make. Adding protein can often be very expensive, and having some or all of a Fit Protein Lite is an easy way to bump up the protein content, making the meal more balanced, and with minimal added cost.

4) With breakfast:

This is a classic pinch point in the daily nutrition cycle. Many of the usual protein choices are just not palatable or are simply too much hassle in the morning. Fit Protein Lite in contrast is both tasty, quick and easy. Either grab it and go,  having it alone,  or consume it with whole foods like whole wheat toast, fruit and nuts and seeds.

5) Before bed for night time recovery.

Sleep is when many of the key process of recovery are running at full pace. Having sufficient building blocks for lean mass is important if the body is to recover and come back stronger and better able to perform. Fit Protein Lite contains a combination of high quality proteins that provide a sustained delivery of amino acids to the body.

The Bottom Line

Fit Protein Lite is a great addition to your nutritional arsenal. We've designed it to be and easy and versatile way to deliver high quality nutrition. Stand alone, or with other foods it delivers. Even if you're a regular protein powder user having a couple in the fridge to grab and go means high quality sports nutrition at the twist of a cap.

Author: Multipower Nutritionist Drew Price (Follow Drew on Twitter)