Our partners

At Multipower, we are delighted to have been able to establish valuable links to many experts in the world of sports nutrition. We work with sports and nutrition institutions, be they from the field of world-class sports or from a university environment.

Olympic training centre in Germany

A registered association since January 1988, the Olympic training centre supports top athletes in their sports careers. Its main tasks lie in looking after athletes in terms of sports medicine, physiotherapy, exercise and sports science as well as in social, psychological and nutritional science support. We are working with some 200 top athletes from twenty different types of sports. 

The current focus is on beach volleyball, hockey, rowing, swimming and sailing. Through this association our experts maintain close contact with sport at the highest level and benefit from the in-depth knowledge in terms of training theory and nutrition.

Drew Price, Nutritionist

Drew Price is a Registered Nutritionist and holds a bachelor in Biochemistry, a Masters in Nutrition and has also been awarded certifications by the ACSM (HFI) and NSCA (CSCS). He works in a variety of settings from one to one consultation in clinic and the high performance sports environment, to group work with teams and gyms. He also delivers seminars on nutrition, performance and health and consults within the nutrition industry.

He is the author of The DODO Diet (Vermilion, Random House), is a columnist for Men's Fitness magazine, and writes and contributing to a number of different titles including Men's Health and national press titles.

Ralf Jettke, Dipl. Nutritional Scientist/ Dipl. Scientist of Sport

Jettke, a freelancing nutrition and sports scientist is an important part of the Multipower team. Jettke finished his sport science studies in 2009 at the University of Hamburg (Germany). Prior to this he studied nutritional science at the HAW Hamburg (Germany) and graduated in 2003.

Born in Leipzig (Germany) he has published a book called “Dietary supplements in sports” and is now working on his dissertation at the institute of exercise science at University Hamburg. We are proud to have a real sports nutrition expert to help us to satisfy all the requirements of our athletes.